dental implant surgery in Danville

Here are brief highlights on how the necessary surgery evolves. The surgery is necessary in order to provide a solid foundation for the final placement of the new dental implant and make sure that it stays fixed over the long term, just as a permanent, natural tooth would. The actual dental implant surgery in Danville will not be carried out by the local dentist, by the way. No, this is work that will be done by a specialist oral surgeon.

And in exceptional cases, a plastic surgeon could be roped in. So to an ear, nose and throat specialist. The initial stages of the surgery require the oral surgeon to make a neat incision in order to cut open the patient’s gum and then expose the bone. After that, holes will be drilled into the bone. The oral surgeon needs to do this because it is with these holes that the dental implant post will be placed.

The dental implant post is usually made from metal. But popular choice for dental practitioners is the use of titanium. This is a surgical procedure that leads to the creation of what you could refer to as an artificial root. But there is still a gap that needs to be filled. This is the gap where the removed teeth once stood. A partial or temporary denture is recommended not just for aesthetic purposes, but for dental hygiene and health too.

Whilst the patient is recovering from surgery, he will be able to remove this temporary denture for cleaning and care purposes. The healing process required after the first surgery is completed is likely to be timed over a few months. It’s been said that some of the most advanced procedures could take up to two years to complete.